About Marijn Ouwerkerk

In our dynamic world, technology meets nature through the lens of drones, offering a fresh perspective. Flying, capturing, and filming with precision, drones create a sense of freedom and greatness. They elevate content, transforming landscapes and activities into breathtaking visuals. Drones redefine storytelling, bringing a unique and immersive dimension to any project, turning ordinary scenes into special experiences. With every flight, they capture the essence of exploration and innovation, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

My story

Welcome to the heart of my creative journey! I’m Marijn Ouwerkerk, a storyteller with a lens and a passion for capturing the essence of life through film and photography. With 7 years in the dynamic realm of visual arts, my journey has been a fusion of experiences, learning, and an unyielding commitment to personal connections.

I found my creative roots in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, where I completed my education at media college. This journey marked the beginning of a deep dive into the world of storytelling through the lens and capturing the beauty of the world.

My expertise lies in two realms that hold a special place in my heart: travel and retreats. Having explored diverse landscapes and immersed myself in various cultures, I’ve cultivated a keen eye for the unique stories that unfold in every corner of the globe. Whether it’s capturing the breathtaking Ice bath and nature retreat or the vibrant energy of a bustling city, I am dedicated to make every film a piece of art!

One of the many feathers in my cap is the ability to soar to new heights – quite literally. As a drone pilot, I bring a bird’s-eye perspective to my storytelling, adding an extra layer of depth and awe to the visuals. But that’s not all – my specialization in mobile phone videography allows me to create content that is not only dynamic but also accessible in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

What sets me apart is not just the technical expertise but the personal touch I bring to every project. I believe in forging connections and growing together. Beyond the lens, I’m here to be your creative partner, helping you expand your business reach and tell your story authentically.

Editing is where the magic happens, and I proudly wear the hat of a video editing master. Each frame is meticulously curated, ensuring that the final product is a masterpiece that reflects your vision and resonates with your audience.

Let’s enjoy our journey together, where every frame tells a story, and every story creates a connection. Your vision is my canvas, and together, we’ll paint moments that last a lifetime. Welcome to my world where your story is not just captured but crafted with heart and passion.


Jeroen Verkaik

This video made me very emotional and humble. The retreat ans the way this one was recorded really touched me.
The people involved did not disturb the proces that was going on in our group while recording with drone, camera and sound. The video catches definitely the vibe that I experienced during this retreat. Thank you so much for this memory.


Ellen van Iersel

I worked with Marijn several times. He really knows to capture the atmosphere and energy of the event, the place and the people. It’s amazing to see the final edits with the right feel and music, carefully crafted to a piece of art.